My iPad 1 (2010) and why I will continue using it

by LSE, @lwdlse

I have writtеn this article, for my almost 10 year anniversary of my tablet an iPad 1 model 2010 and iOS 5.1.1 [it can Not upgraded beyond this since is iPad 1]…
I have Never get it serviced in an Apple service or other services lab, and is still working perfectly!!!
Primary usage of this tablet is 97% reading e-books PDF [2% iCloud Notes/Cal etc, 1% other Apps], so assist very well this purpose so, I do Not plan to change it soon… by buying a newer model…

That is why I love Apple products – durable products – and I pass half of my time on these like iPad 1, MacBook Pro 2016 Oct model 15″ w/ touch ribbon…
Below is a short video about my iPad 1 that’s as said nearly to serve a decade without malfunctions… or service efforts/costs to me (Only charging the only minimal cost!).

Screen Shots

ipad 1 invoice 2010

Video Screen Casts