Hello World! My first test in Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Hello World! My first test in Raspberry Pi 3 B+


After Run Raspbian OS & Apps like the Free (for R Pi) Mathematica in Raspberry Pi 3 B+… connected in Display HDMI/Keyboard USB/Mouse USB … I proceeded further for Hello World! My first test in Raspberry Pi 3 B+ control of external electronics components and devices… in this Hello World! is basically some LEDs/Resistances connection to some selective Pins of the R Pi 40 pins… The project is run with the help of a Python script run from CLI/Shell Linux/Raspbian OS Shell…

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GUI Python3 vs GUI Shell Scripting

GUI Python 3 vs GUI (Linux) Shell Scripting


As a PHP/JS Web Developer I study in my free time Linux topics online or in e-books… Also started study Python 3… As I mention Python 3 and Linux Shell Scripts provide some commands for creating GUIs windows[programs with GUI instead of the traditional CLI…  text mode programs]… In this post I focus on GUIs in Python 3 vs Shell Scripting GUIs…

Shell Scripting at first exist on Unix/Linux/MacOS OSs… (mainly Linux) but Python can installed in any OS including Windows 10….

In this article I use Linux Ubuntu Studio 18.10 for the demonstrations – I like using Ubuntu Studio rather Ubuntu or Fedora… because Ubuntu Studio come from Canonical too, and has preinstalled many free programs for Graphic Design, Video/Audio Edit, Photography, Publishing Ebooks, etc Tools… that’s I feel Not needed change OS to do these other essential Tasks for my work like edit an image etc… !!!



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