Create Restore Point, Error! GREEK Windows 10 HOME (0x80042319)

Συμβουλές για να διορθώσετε την Επαναφορά Συστήματος των Windows

Note: Users with Windows 10/11 in English, click here:

Restart the Volume shadow copy service [Σκιώδη αντίγραφο τόμου]

Make sure you are logged on with an administrator account. Then follow the steps below:

1. Press the Windows + R key to open the Run window.

2. Type “services.msc” in that box and press Enter to open Windows Services.

3. Locate a service called Volume Shadow Copy[Σκιώδη αντίγραφο τόμου]. If it is not running, start it. If it is running, Stop and Restart this service.

RIGHT-CLICK > PROPERTIES > GENERAL [1st tab] > 1=Stop + 2=Start

4. Change this service Startup type to Automatic.


Restart System Properties Window if it is Open,

AFTER Retry Again Create Restore Point, Windows 10 – ALL OK