PR Polis Travel Guide App

PR – Polis Travel Guide App

Note: Polis Travel Guide has been released for BlackBerry 10 Smart Phones & Tablets on Wed 22/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Note: Polis Travel Guide has been released for Windows Smart Phones & Tablets on Thu 16/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Also on AndroidYou can DownLoad it here, or for Amazon Fire Android Tablets & Phones.

New Polis Resort Travel Guide App, a comprehensive guide about Polis with Polis Maps, Services & Attractions, Travel Notes, Photo Sharing, Hits App Stores This Week.


This is the only App about Polis as of this writing. You must download if you plan to visit, stay or work in Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus. App will be available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and later for Windows Phone, Nokia, HP web OS, FireFoxOS, Ubuntu Phone etc.


Polis, Cyprus , April 03, 2014 — At last a Polis Chrysochous App hits Samsung Apps Store and Android Play store (soon in iOS App Store, Windows App Store and Blackberry Store) this week. This is the only App about Polis exclusively, and has many interesting features.

In the App you will find almost all Services offered with map location and contact and Internet data, from Government to Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes, Apts, Doctors, and Pharmacy etc. There is a Save to your Device Contacts button for each contact. There is a Search-Polis page where you can search all Polis data. You will find also the Cyprus & Polis emergency telephones and other important numbers. Just press to call the number or sms or save in your Device Contacts. News/Announcements/Events & Special Offers in Polis Pages exist and updated weekly. And also Contact Us, About Polis & about Cyprus Facts Pages.

Also there is Map functionality with map tracking, in all App… From Services, Attractions to Travel Notes (where Note taken)…GPS & Internet connections required for using this. Also there is a photo gallery with slide show auto play functionality, Flickr photos, a third party Video from YouTube about Polis & Latchi, and Cyprus weather link page.

Travel Notes embedded feature let you get your Travel Notes and record map location Note taken at (if you like) and the date and time, along with title & description. You can search your Travel Notes too.

Photo Share feature lets you upload your Polis photos (20 uploads total per account) but will be Public and cannot be deleted – in the next version will be delete your photos button. Also there are login, logout, upload, and camera pages along view All Photo Uploads page plus view My Uploads (only your photos) page. Photos are saved on the Appcelerator ACS Internet service and NOT on your device, so Internet required using this.


To Download the App just surf to Samsung Apps Store or go to App Web Site!

Samsung Apps Download

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Amazon Fire Apps Download

Buttons-09   [Sept 2014]

    [Dec 2014]


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Chrome Web Store App – Free Demo


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