My First PC Build – Intel i5 8400 – 2 x 8GB DDR4 – 500GB M.2 NVE x4

My First PC Build – i5 8400 – 2 x 8GB DDR4 – 500GB M.2 NVE x4


Date: 2018 December 7-15 Cost 800€

Future Expansion To:

Additional Cost 400€

RAID 1 : 2 x 3TB HDD[for my Data], NVIDIA GTX 1050 Graphics Card

OSs[64-bit]: Windows 10 Pro OS
Virtual Machine[64-bit]: Ubuntu Studio 18.10 OS, Fedora 29 OS, Manjaro Arch Linux OS, Zorin OS Education… etc Distros

Computer Parts:


Image Shots:




















































Video Shots:


  1. I have read my MB manual. Nevertheless I recommend at start read some different MB (same vendor) manuals to get the idea/some experience, and because manuals may show different guidelines eg my MB not indicate Ram chip insert priority – 4 slots one Ram chip – also not show how adapt head sink & CPU Fan in the MB. In contrast some other Asus MB manuals show this info, and also I have registered the motherboard in Asus Site and contacted Asus Support pertinent to all my Questions. My MB manual shows only how adapt processor in its slot in MB.
  2. I prefer Intel Processors as only these support Hackintosh Build Systems or Mac OS in Virtual Machines in hypervisors like Vmware Workstation Player or Oracle VirtualBox

GUI Python3 vs GUI Shell Scripting

GUI Python 3 vs GUI (Linux) Shell Scripting


As a PHP/JS Web Developer I study in my free time Linux topics online or in e-books… Also started study Python 3… As I mention Python 3 and Linux Shell Scripts provide some commands for creating GUIs windows[programs with GUI instead of the traditional CLI…  text mode programs]… In this post I focus on GUIs in Python 3 vs Shell Scripting GUIs…

Shell Scripting at first exist on Unix/Linux/MacOS OSs… (mainly Linux) but Python can installed in any OS including Windows 10….

In this article I use Linux Ubuntu Studio 18.10 for the demonstrations – I like using Ubuntu Studio rather Ubuntu or Fedora… because Ubuntu Studio come from Canonical too, and has preinstalled many free programs for Graphic Design, Video/Audio Edit, Photography, Publishing Ebooks, etc Tools… that’s I feel Not needed change OS to do these other essential Tasks for my work like edit an image etc… !!!



Coming Soon !!!