Linux Distros for < ... >

Linux Distros for < … >



Steam OS –


Photography / Video Production / Graphic Designer

Ubuntu Studio –


Programming / Soft Development

Semi Code (out of date) [Preinstalled Apps and Soft IDEs]


Workstation User / Programmer / Coder

Fedora or Ubuntu or Linux Mint or Linux Arch or Antegros


Ethical Hacking & Penetration

Kali Linux or Parrot Linux

// –

Kali Linux Cheat Sheet


Consumer Web Server

CentOS 7 or Ubuntu Server or Debian – – –


Enterprise Server

RHEL 7 –

or Ubuntu Server –


Linux with Windows like Desktop

Linux Mint –


Linux with MacOS like Desktop

Elementary OS –


Linux Foundation Exams LFCS , LFCE –

are available for

CentOS 7 Server or Ubuntu Server
– –


It doesn’t matter what kind of user you are, there exists a perfect Linux distro for you.

1. Best Linux Distro for Desktops and Powerful Laptops – Linux Mint, known to provide a near-to-perfect Linux desktop experience.

2. Best Linux Distro for Regular Laptop – Ubuntu MATE. Ubuntu comes with nine different flavours that have their own programs, features, and desktop environments.

3. Best Linux Distro for Older and Slow Hardware – Puppy Linux. It is ideal for the conditions where a compact distro due to older hardware and low computing resources.

4. Most Customizable Linux Distro – Arch Linux. It is a minimalistic Linux distro that allows your to start learning Linux from scratch. But, it is not recommended for the beginners as thereís a lot of command line work and manual configuration.

5. Most Beautiful Linux Distro – elementaryOS. The maker of this completely community-based OS are an expert in design and it is one of the prettiest Linux distributions you will come across.

6. Best Best Privacy-focused Linux Distro – Tails. It is a live operating system that you can boot on any computer from a USB stick, SD card, or DVD and used by the likes of Edward Snowden.

7. Best Linux for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing – Kali Linux. It is a special purpose Linux distro for pen testing and network security testing. With more than 600 tools, Kali Linux is designed to be used in a single, root user scenario due to security purposes.

8. Best Linux Distro For Servers – Debian. One of the longest running Linux distros, Debian, has served as a framework for many other distros like Mint and Ubuntu.

9. Best Linux Distro For IoT – Snappy Ubuntu Core. Focussing on Internet of Things application, Canonical released a Snappy version of Ubuntu Core OS for IoT.

10. Best Linux Distro For Video Editing and Multimedia Production – Ubuntu Studio. It fills an empty spot of a multimedia production-focused Linux distro. It comes with tools for recording, mixing, mastering, live processing, or even coding.

11. Best Linux Distro For Gaming – SteamOS. Honestly, there isn’t a Linux distro that is perfect for playing all kinds of game. With each passing day, more and more games are being officially released on Linux.