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IBM Compatible vs Mac Clones; The nostalgic era of legal Mac Clones Computers, the era without the Apple Computer monopoly; This has been just a few years before the turn of the century, between 1995-1999

It was, the magazine PC-KYPRIAKO a Cyprus 🇨🇾 magazine for computers in Greek I started to read at the age of 14 years old from 1989-1990… learned my first computer experience, but without a PC, only by reading this Journal. Later in 1992, I got my

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Create Ventura ISO without a Mac Computer and FREE

In this article I demonstrate how to create a fresh/free-of-malware Ventura ISO without Mac, using a Ventura VM in the free VMware Player 17.x in Windows 11… the full process will cost 0.00 USD. To run a Guest VM OS MacOS e.g., Ventura, as a VM

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