Setup Laravel 10.x Homestead in Windows 10/11

Section – 1 [Install Software]

vagrant_2.3.7_windows_amd64.msi –

VirtualBox-6.1.46-158378-Win.exe –

VirtualBox 6.1.46 (released July 18 2023) << This and Not the >> VirtualBox 7.0.10 platform packages – ​Windows hosts

According to:

Code Editor/IDE: PhpStorm-2023.1.4.exe or VSCodeSetup-x64-1.80.1.exe

Lastly install: Git- –

Section – 2 [ENABLE VT-x in Hardware/BIOS/UEFI if disabled]

Section – 3 [Installing Homestead]

Go To CLI Terminal in IDE/Editor or Windows Terminal or Git Bash Terminal and execute:

git clone D:\htdocs_xampp\Homestead

where D:\htdocs_xampp\Homestead the Homestead directory, after entering this directory:

cd d:\htdocs_xampp\Homestead

Next, execute the bash init.bat command from the Homestead directory to create the Homestead.yaml configuration file. The Homestead.yaml file is where you will configure all of the settings for your Homestead installation. This file will be placed in the Homestead directory: if there is a problem with the




Section – 4 [Configuring Homestead]

Follow the instructions at:

For configuring the file: Homestead.yaml

Section – 5 [Launching The Vagrant Box]

After all, the steps above, it is time to:

Launching The Vagrant Box

You must have in mind the 4 most used CLI commands FROM CLI/Terminal at d:\htdocs_xampp\Homestead\:

vagrant up # if error on this - please Section 6 below
vagrant status
vagrant suspend
vagrant ssh

Section – 6 [Configuring SSH Keys]

In case the first attempt of running:

vagrant up

you getting

Please give the command to generate ssh keys in Windows:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

This will create the:


Then you have to go to Homestead.yaml and edit the SSH Keys with the correct Keys you have just created:

authorize: C:\Users\lwdls.ssh\
     - C:\Users\lwdls.ssh\id_rsa

Then you return to Section – 5 and give the command: vagrant up

The first time you have to await some time to download the Vagrant VM – Ubuntu Server from the repositories…

After the VM OK is launched go to: http://homestead.test/phpinfo.php to see the webpage of phpinfo():



if any problem put the phpinfo.php



to stop the VM – shutdown the PC – give

vagrant suspend

To add additional sites:

Adding Additional Sites

To create a Laravel Site – start with download Laravel files with the:

At Terminal d:\htdocs_xampp\

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-laravel-app

Composer can be installed from:

Also, the composer comes preinstalled in Homestead/Vagrant/VM

And, a second way is:


vagrant up 


vagrant ssh

and from Terminal at /home/vagrant/ give the command:

 composer create-project laravel/laravel example-laravel-app

Any way you choose, be sure to edit the Homestead.yaml and every new website added to run:

vagrant reload --provision

And lastly

To run a new URL locally modify the host file at:

On macOS and Linux, this file is located at /etc/hosts. On Windows, it is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts: homestead.test another1.test another2.test

Again, according to


After, download the Laravel 10.x bootstrap code base, view the Laravel homepage accordingly by going to http://another1.test.

Happy Laravel Web Development & Coding…!

Enable VT-x in hp Z640 Workstation

Symptom – when going to vagrant up – to start a VM for the first time in this OS/PC

The msinfo32 shows: VT-x is disabled

Follow the Steps for the result: VT-x enabled


STEP BY STEP – Follows

0 – reboot the PC

Go – Security[3] and after System Security[4]

VT-x is disabled[all three], We will enable all

After confirming it

Go: Main[7] + Save & Exit

now msinfo32 will show:

All Done!

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Follow a picture of air duster and the tablet screenshot of the error you will face for this.

air duster – cool air spray

something dirty/dust is in the connectors between tablet and cable/charger