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Setup Laravel 10.x Homestead in Windows 10/11

Section – 1 [Install Software] vagrant_2.3.7_windows_amd64.msi – VirtualBox-6.1.46-158378-Win.exe – VirtualBox 6.1.46 (released July 18 2023) << This and Not the >> VirtualBox 7.0.10 platform packages – ​Windows hosts According to: Code Editor/IDE: PhpStorm-2023.1.4.exe or VSCodeSetup-x64-1.80.1.exe Lastly install: Git- – Section – 2

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Enable VT-x in hp Z640 Workstation

Symptom – when going to vagrant up – to start a VM for the first time in this OS/PC The msinfo32 shows: VT-x is disabled Follow the Steps for the result: VT-x enabled === STEP BY STEP – Follows 0 – reboot the PC Go –

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Create Ventura ISO without a Mac Computer and FREE

In this article I demonstrate how to create a fresh/free-of-malware Ventura ISO without Mac, using a Ventura VM in the free VMware Player 17.x in Windows 11… the full process will cost 0.00 USD. To run a Guest VM OS MacOS e.g., Ventura, as a VM

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