Useful info to keep for your PC in case malfunctions and it needed for debugging yourself or by a technician

With Additional Tricks & Tips

PC or Laptop

Brand, Model, Serial Number, Date, and Store purchased

Additional PC Specs/Parts like:

Graphics Cards, PCIe cards others, etc. Models and Serial Numbers

Windows 10 or 11 > Settings > System > About

Run: Msinfo32

Run: winver

Setup in a Dual Boot PC, Default Boot OS

Run: SystemPropertiesAdvanced > Startup & Recovery: Settings > Default OS


Windows 10 or 11 > Settings > System > About > Advanced System Settings > Startup & Recovery: Settings > Default OS

Search Windows or Cortana:

Create Recovery Drive

Create Restore Point

Other System Utilities – Microsoft Windows

Windows Installation Media Creator Tool

Windows ISO Downloads from Microsoft Software Download Page

Third-Party Tools



Set Default Windows OS in a Dual Boot System – w10|w11


step – 1:

Right-Click on START.

step – 2:

Select RUN.

step – 3:

Write as one word.

System Properties Advanced.

step – 4:

After pressing the ENTER key, Opens the “Systems Properties” window.

step – 5:

On the Startup and Recovery section press “Settings”.

step – 6:

Now on the new Windows in the Section “System Settings”.

step – 7:

Choose Default Operating System.

step – 8:

Press OK to exit the “Startup and Recovery” window.

step – 9:

Press again OK to exit the “Systems Properties” window.